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Yes, I'm now on YouTube.

I'm looking to expand myself into some cool new directions, and YouTube is the beginning.

So WHY would I start a YouTube channel?

Well, because I think the future of Comics (and probably all entertainment) is gonna be through creators opening up their work to the world.

People (myself included) no longer want to support brands, they want to support PEOPLE. 

So that's my goal for the channel. To open up my creative world for the purpose of creating, sharing, encouraging, and hopefully inspiring.

I've got the first 4 episodes completed and I'm aiming for one per week at least.

All of this is building up to a pretty significant transition that I've been planning for years. But that's for later.

For now, please enjoy. LIKE if you like it. SHARE it if you want. And SUBSCRIBE if you wanna be a part of what I'm building.

And definitely COMMENT, because I wanna hear from you. This is about having a good faith conversation between Creators and Readers, something Comics has been lacking for a while now.

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