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So I've got a new book out today called MOSELY. Really proud of this one.

From the fine folks at BOOM Studios, Mosely is the story of Marvin Mosely, an ex-Marine who helped create the Tech Gods, a trio of all-powerful robots who make humanity their lowly servants. Bitter and regretful over his role in the rise of the Gods, Mosely comes into the possession of a mystical Hammer, capable of smashing any damn thing foolish enough to get in its way. In other words, the Gods are in trouble.

Mosely is a tale told in 5 issues. Drawn by Sam Lotfi. Colored by Jean-Francois Beaulieu, with letters by Andrew Thomas. And of course, written by yours truly.

Check out the preview pages below! And click the link below to snag a copy or find it where comics are sold!


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